First Year Done!

Hi all!

It’s been a minute since I last updated this website–this year has been so crazy! I’ve now finished all of my coursework for the semester and turned in the last of my TA grading, so I think I’m now officially done with my first year of my Ph.D.???? Wild.

A couple of new updates: I got summer funding! I’m going to be working as a graduate research assistant on a super cool project called Careers in Play. I’ll post more info as I have it over on my Research page!

Also… FanLIS is finally happening! I’ll be presenting virtually this Thursday (5/20) on the preliminary findings from my current research study. That’s been quite a journey in and of itself, which I’ll write about in a forthcoming blog post. I’m really going to work this year on actually updating this website and keeping some sort of log of my progress into academia.

This is my first legit presentation, so I’m both excited and terrified. I think my presentation is pretty cool, though, and I’m excited to talk about what analysis I’ve completed so far!

Here’s a quick sneak peek of one of my slides šŸ‘€

[Image description: a teal background with x’s, circles, and squares. A quote in the middle in light gray font reads “I wish real books came with the AO3 tagging system, but unfortunately, they do not.” – Juliet]

This has been such a cool study to do. I’ve learned so much (and met some really cool people!!), and I’m really excited to continue with this train of thought in future research!

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